About Day-Break Massage

The word “geriatric” refers to health impairments that are associated with the later years of life, usually age 65 and older. This type of massage takes age-related health conditions into account. To successfully administer this modality requires academic knowledge and technical skills that go beyond what is usually taught in massage schools, as it is simply not needed in a practice directed toward younger clients. Because this information is not readily available, Day-Break was founded to cull pertinent facts from the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, gerontology and, of course, the various bodywork disciplines, to develop Geriatric Massage as a specialty. This ever-growing body of knowledge is the basis for our instructional materials, including our books, videos, several correspondence courses, a week-long symposium, and our popular weekend workshops.


The rapid increase in our membership and the increasing demand for workshops illustrate the need for qualified training in geriatric massage. Statistics show that 10,000 people join the ranks of the 65-year-old population every day.  This statistic will likely hold through the year 2030, as baby-boomers “coming of age” wish to maintain their active lifestyles. Statistics also show that several thousand new massage therapists graduate from our nation’s massage schools every year.


Because of this, there is a perfect match between potential clients and massage therapists trained in geriatric massage. Your Day-Break training will allow you to continue with your clients from their robust “Senior Olympic” phase through age-appropriate and into frail and hospice states.


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