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The New Face of “Memory Care”

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“Memory Care Unit” … it’s a graceful term for a Dementia Ward or Alzheimer’s Wing … a place where those who have lost touch with their memories are cared for.
What if, instead, we approached the term as though it represents a place folks go to count on others to preserve their memories … a place where memory-challenged residents depend on someone else to capture treasured bits of their past and allow their memories to live on.


So often, only the basic physical needs of residents are met in today’s Memory Care Units.  Feeding, bathing, dressing, and the administering of medications are all life-giving tasks that help maintain the physical well being of a person.  But the emotional, psychological, or even spiritual needs of such residents are often neglected, overlooked, or simply not considered.


Through the healing power of simple human touch, massage therapy reaches through the daily patterns of hygiene upkeep, nourishment, and medication dispensing—providing a much-needed nourishment of the soul, a connection with a memory, and a bathing in tender loving care.


The Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for the elderly by teaching massage therapists and health care professionals the use of skillful hands-on work and current trends in aging.  If you feel led to this outreach of restoring human touch to this ever-growing segment of our senior population, learn from the most trusted educators in the field.  Perhaps you are looking to earn Continuing Education Units to keep your license active, or to increase your client base, or even to explore a massage modality that is less taxing on you own body as you age.  Contact Day-Break today—we would love to help you pursue this avenue of healing in your career.  Day-Break is the NCBTMB’s #1 recommended educational provider for Geriatric Massage.  Check out our workshop calendar today!


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